About Us

ArnaDesigns is a locally owned, small business run from Townsville, North Queensland. 

My name is Nashur Adams, and I am the owner, operator here at ArnaDesigns.  It is my pride and joy, and I love being about to design new and exciting jewellery products and sharing them with you all.

ArnaDesigns came about during the pregnancy of my second daughter, as I yearned to find something I truly loved to keep me at home more.  I was buying silicone beaded necklaces myself and the designs seemed so 'mum-sy' with not much variety.  Hense, ArnaDesigns was born. 

ArnaDesigns is made up of the names of myself, and my gorgeous girls.  Of course my husband is in the background, working hard to keep our business running too, and we are incredibly grateful for his support and help during the busy periods. 

Please contact me if you have any questions or queries.  We do sell wholesale, as well as take custom orders.  Other than that, ENJOY, and always remember....

life's too short to wear boring jewellery!